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School Trips from Karachi

Explore Pakistan with us now has a grand project of Student Trips. Our all-purpose, full-service, environmentally sustainable student trips bring to your pupils for an exciting educational excursion. Field trips are an essential aspect of schooling. These enriching experiences allow children to learn things hands-on; to step out of the four walls of a classroom and truly immerse themselves in learning new things. We provide an excellent place for you to plan your next school field trips or universities trips.

One School trips from Karachi includes Skardu trips, Kashmir trips and Muree trips. Moreover, our 1 day trip to Karachi is also available for students as field trips or adventures.

1 day trip

Karachi is a place of great historical and amusing spots. The streets of Karachi are all about colourful buses, impatient people and the buzzing energy of its daily hustle. But are there any attractions here that will make you forget all the chaos. These include Bahria Town Karachi, Port Grand, Do Darya, TDF Magnifiscience Centre, Burns Road Food Street, PAF Musuem, winterland, Mohatta Palace, Clifton Beach (Sea View), Kidney Hill Park, Chaukhandi Tombs, KAcarchi Zoo, Frere Hall, and TDF Ghar.

Skardu Trip from Karachi

Our Skardu Trips for Student Trips include the thrill of touring the Glacial Mountains of Karakoram and the Himalayas along with exploring the ancient culture, history and traditions of Skardu, Pakistan. Our Skardu Tour is a true adventure spot, where students can experience the world-famous climbing and Trekking of the ancient silk route, known as The Karakoram Highway and the Himalayas of Baltistan. Skardu is a breathtaking view, located on the banks of the Indus and Shigar Rivers at an elevation of 2,500 meters above sea level. The Indus River separates the Karakoram Mountain range from the Himalayas. Skardu is also a getaway many snow covered peaks through Askole and Hushe, to K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrums, Spantik, Hispar Glacier, Trango Towers, Baltoro Glacier and many more world-famous peaks.

We have been offering the Skardu Tour for families, couples, groups and university students for many years now. You can also get a customized Skardu trip itinerary according to your needs and travel requirements.

Skardu’s trip starts from the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Our explorers and guides will come to you at Islamabad International Airport and a briefing about the Skardu trip. The traveling starts from Naran town, passing through some culturally rich and historical cities, to Taxila, Hasan Abdal, Haripur, Abbott Abbad and Mansehra. From Mansehra, you will leave Karakoram Highway and turn right to join Naran Road. Naran Road runs along the Naran River in the lush green Naran & Kaghan Valley. After a night stay in Naran, you will continue your journey on Naran Road, cutting through the heart of the rugged Kaghan valley to Babusar Pass (4,067m). The scenic view of mountain flowers in these valleys gives a scenic backdrop on this alternate route to Chilas.

Kashmir Trips for Sdudents

Kashmir trips for students include a 5-day trip with the snow-clad mountains and the gleaming lakes creating a picturesque landscape of Kashmir. Kashmir has begun its tourism activities after two back-to-back lockdowns. We ensure maximum safety and precautions and include tourists with COVID-19-negative certificates to visit the valley.

Come with us to enjoy the wonders of Kashmir. You cannot miss these picturesque places in Kashmir and enjoy the scenic beauty of the state at its best. The beauty of Azad Kashmir makes it a “Heaven on Earth”. All the tourists attractions all-natural wonders, covered with thick snow. It is a place of vibrant green valleys, waterways, abundant lakes, and a wildlife adventure to experience. Check out this list of the top places to visit in Kashmir and pick the best ones for your next vacation. 

Neelum Valley, Rawalakot, Banjosa Lake, Jhelum Valley, Ramkot Fort, Toli Peer, Pir Chinasi, Leepa Valley, Red Fort (Muzaffarabad Fort), Shounter Lake.

Due to its difficult geographical location, flying directly to Azad Kashmir is not possible. Azad Kashmir has two airports, Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are the nearest major airports to the place. However, Azad Kashmir can only be accessible by road, and the views of winding rivers and hills on the course are stunning on the way. It is easily accessible by road from all cities of Punjab. Our most commonly used route is Murree Hills (140 km), connecting Rawalpindi with Muzaffarabad.

Muree Trips for Sdudents

Next adventure is Murree trips. There is not a single dull moment in Murree. With the multi-range of fun activities and attractions, this place has so many offers to its tourists. If you want some good adventure, you can either buckle up and tie your life to a chair lift and see the aerial view of mountains and pine trees or find yourself in the life-changing trails of the mountains. If you are looking for a retreat, there are many fun malls all the way to Murree to yourself and help you unwind and rejoice at the same time.

Students can enjoy a lot of beautiful attractions like the Patriata, Kashmir Point, Mall Road, Bhurban, and more. We provide Lavish and luxury resorts that offer some of the most rewarding experiences in Murree. All we ask you to do is simply pack your bags after a hectic academic term and set out to experience the contagious spirit of Murree.

Trips Booking with us

Explore Pakistan with us also gives you the option to customise destinations, talk to a Guide expert travel consultant and get all your questions solved at once. Depending on the number of days you dedicate to your vacations, we will make sure you get the best school trip experience you have ever had. With complete information on your travel itinerary, day-wise schedules, details on current temperatures and more, you can go to our School Trips Booking and Universities Trips Booking. With us, you will be making memories and experiences that you will look back on, cherish, and feel good for the years to come.

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