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Hazrat Ishaan was an influential Sunni saint from Bukhara, Uzbekistan. He was the second son of Khwaja Sayyid Mir Sharifuddin son of Ziauddin son of Muhammad son of Tajuddin son of Hussein son of Zahra daughter of Bahauddin Naqshband. Hazrat Ishaan was granted permission from his father to study in a royal college and became an accomplished scholar. After twelve years of spiritual training, Hazrat Ishaan Saheb reached the level of a Shaykh in Tasawuff in the year 1598.

He has sent disciples all over Central Asia under, whom 2 have been sent to Tibet. Jahangir firmly believed in him, being taught by his father Akbar that he was born through Hazrat Ishaan´s prayers when Akbar desperately wished to have a child. Becoming entangled in the struggle against the Shia community there, Moghul emperor Shah Jahan evacuated him in the year 1636 to Delhi. Hazrat Ishaan spent his last six years in Lahore, where Jahangir’s son Shah Jahan has built a Palace for him, that later became his mausoleum.


Some famous restaurants near Darbar Hazrat Aishan Sahib

Lounge Food Corner KPT

Open 1PM–11:30PM.

AR Family Resturant Chak 24

Open 9AM–12AM.

Chughtai B B Q

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Some famous hotels near Darbar Hazrat Aishan Sahib

Ayat Bukhari Hotel Kpt

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Mehar Hotel

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Abbasia hotel and restaurant

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THQ Hospital, Khairpur Tamewali, Bahawalpur

Open 24/7.


Dr Rao Shakeel Hospital

Open 24/7.


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National Bank of Pakistan

Open 9AM–5PM.

The Bank of Punjab

Open 8:30AM–4:30PM.

Service Stations

Hafiz abdur rehman filling station

Open 24/7.

Rana Rafeeq Petrolium Service

Open 24/7.

Abdul Rehman Filling Station Khair Pur Tamewali BYCO

Open 24/7.


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Baqala Al-Haram Super Mart

Open 7AM – 12AM.

Abid Super Mart

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