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Shah Hussain, was a 16th-century Punjabi Muslim Sufi poet who is regarded as a pioneer of the Kafi form of Punjabi poetry. He lived during the ruling periods of Mughal emperors Akbar and his son Jahangir.

His tomb and shrine is located at the Baghbanpura precincts, adjacent to the Shalimar Gardens Lahore, Pakistan. His Urs (annual death anniversary) is celebrated at his shrine every year during the “Mela Chiraghan” (“Festival of Lights”).  Shah Hussain’s urs and the mela used to happen at two different times but were both combined into one and then called “Mela Chiraghan” (Festival of Lights) by Ranjit Singh. This mela (festival) is considered to be the biggest festival of Punjab.


Some famous restaurants near Darbar Hazrat Madho Lal Hussain

Smoke N Grill

Open 11:30AM–10:45PM

QD's Family Restaurant (Branch 3)

Open 12PM – 1AM.

Pind Restaurant Shalamar

Open 12PM – 1AM.


Some famous hotels near Darbar Hazrat Madho Lal Hussain

Hotel One The Mall

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Luxus Grand Hotel

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Zahida welfare Hospital

Open 24/7.


Shalamar Hospital

Open 24/7.


 Banks near Darbar Hazrat Madho Lal Hussain

Askari Bank

Open 10AM – 3PM on weekdays.

The Bank Of Punjab

Open 9AM – 5PM on weekdays.

Service Stations

Chaudhary FS Total Parco Pakistan Limited

Open 24/7.

PSO Petrol Pump

Open 24/7.

Anwar Filling Station-PSO Petrol Pump

Open 24/7.


Some famous shopping marts near Darbar Hazrat Madho Lal Hussain


Open 8AM – 11PM.

HT Mega Mart

Open 7AM – 12AM.

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