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Skardu is a city found in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan, and serves as the capital of the Skardu Area and the Baltistan Division. Skardu is arranged at an elevation of about 2,500 meters (8,202 feet) within the Skardu Valley, at the conversion of the Indus and Shigar Streams. The city is a critical door to the eight-thousanders of the adjacent Karakoram mountain. The Indus Waterway running through the locale isolates the Karakoram from the Himalayas.

Skardu, beside Gilgit, is a significant tourism, trekking and undertaking centre in Gilgit–Baltistan. The precipitous territory of the locale, which includes four of the world’s 14 Eight-thousander crests, draws in sightseers, trekkers and mountain climbers from around the world. The most visitor season is from April to October; at other times of the year, the zone can be cut off for amplified periods by the frigid, solidifying winter weather.


Places to visit in Skardu


Satpara Lake


Lower Kachura Lake


Upper Kachura Lake

Kharpocho fort Skardu

Kharphocho Fort


Some famous restaurants in Skardu

Lazeeza Restaurant

Open 24/7.

Dewan-e-Khas Hotel & Restaurant

Open 7:30AM - 10PM.

Hotel Summit & Restaurant

Open 24/7.


Some famous hotels in Skardu

Shangrila Resort Skardu

Rooms are neat and clean.


Hotel One Skardu

Rooms are neat and clean.


Himalaya Hotel Skardu

Rooms are neat and clean.



Nobody in hospital ward with heart rate monitor and bed for healthcare treatment and recovery. Empty emergency room for intensive care and reanimation with medical equipment and medicine

Hazrat Abbas Hospital Skardu

Open 24/7.

Young man in hospital getting heart rate monitored

Doctors Hospital Skardu

Open 9 am – 10 pm on weekdays.


 Banks in Skardu

Askari Bank

Open 8 am – 5 pm on weekdays.

National Bank of Pakistan

Open 8 am – 5 pm on weekdays.

Service Stations

Colorful petrol pumps.

Raja Petrol Pump

Open 24/7.
Fuel pump service.

BIKRI Petrol Pump

Open 24/7.
Oil filling the ECO car in oil station

Skardu filling Station Total Parco

Open 24/7.
Fuel pumps at Petrol Station.Shot with Lensbaby.

Haji Akbar Petrol Pump

Open 24/7.


Some famous shopping marts in Skardu

Al-Hassan Market

Open 7AM – 10PM.

Mezan Hyper Mart Skardu

Open 24/7.

Mezan Hyper Mart Skardu

Open 24/7.


Through out the year temperature °C  in Skardu

Unforgettable Moments

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