Tirich Mir

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Tirich Mir is the most important mountain of the Hindu Kush run and the most elevated mountain within the world exterior of the Himalayas–Karakoram range. It is found within the Chitral Area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The primarily recorded climb of the mountain was on 21 July 1950 by a Norwegian endeavour comprising of Arne Næss, P. Kvernberg, H. Berg, and Tony Streather. Tirich Mir overlooks the town of Chitral and can be effortlessly seen from the most bazaar. It is the closest mountain to Aconcagua, which is higher than Aconcagua, and in this way decides Aconcagua’s topographic confinement.


Some famous restaurants in Tirich Mir

Tirch Mir View Restaurant

Open 8AM - 11PM.

Juniper Hotel And Restaurant

Open 24/7.

Treck to Tirich Mir

Open 9AM - 10MPM.


Some famous hotels in Tirich Mir

Tirch Mir View Hotel Chitral

Rooms are neat and clean.


Terichmir View Hotel

Rooms are neat and clean.



Corridor and waiting areas of a modern hospital with seating

Basic Health Unit Terich

Open 24/7.

Rear view of doctor and nurse walking in hallway while discussing a case. Group of doctor and nurses in uniform examining medical report of patient while walking on hospital corridor. Medical staff working at private clinic, copy space.

THQ Emergency Centre

Open 24/7.


 Banks in Tirich Mir

National Bank

Open 8 am – 5 pm.

Microfinance Bank Limited

Open 8 am – 5 pm.

Service Stations


Gasoline Station

Open 24/7.
trademark clean gas station

Reshun filling station

Open 24/7.
Horizontal shot of a retail gasoline station and convenience store at dusk.

Mori Lasht Petrol Pump

Open 24/7.
Oil filling the ECO car in oil station

Haji Sarfaraz Filling Station

Open 24/7.


Some famous shopping marts in Tirich Mir

Malabar Mini Mart, Sweets & Bakers

Open 9AM – 10PM.


Open 9AM – 10PM.


Open 9AM – 10PM.


Through out the year temperature °C  in Tirich Mir

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